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What Makes A Duffy Boat Special?

People Riding A Duffy Boat

You’ve come to the perfect spot if you’re investigating information about renting a boat while on vacation at Newport Beach! If you’re a first-time boater or simply enjoy boating on holidays, renting a boat can be a daunting task. You’re maybe wondering how to choose the right boat for the vacation you plan to take. We’ll explain what a Duffy boat is and highlight all of the benefits of choosing Duffy Boat rentals, whether you’re a local or a tourist planning a fun adventure.

A Duffy Boat is a luxurious electric boat that provides safe fun for new boaters while also providing an enjoyable experience for experienced sailors. Duffy Boats are beyond classy, and they’ll take you around at a leisurely 5 mph so you can take in the sights with pleasure and enjoy your time out on the beautiful water.

What Makes Duffy Boats Special?

They are easy to maneuver and are comfortable

The Duffy Boat was created in such a way that it is ideal for folks who are just trying out boating. You can welcome people aboard with confidence, knowing that they will be comfortable throughout the cruise, whether they are small children or friends who haven’t found their sea legs yet. This is because the Duffy Boat was designed to provide a relaxing experience.

The boat is specifically constructed to be more stable than most boats you’ll see on the water. It is also noteworthy that being the captain of the boat is a piece of cake! You can easily perform smooth, sharp turns, which is not the case with some of the other boats on the water! To drive, you don’t even need to have your boating license.

Suitable for different outings

A Duffy Boat rental is an excellent choice for any event. Due to their size, Duffy Boats are popular for family vacations and boat rentals for parties, but they can also be ideal for a private romantic date night. You are welcome to host a business meeting while relaxing on the water in your rental Duffy Boat if you want to take your job on the water.


Duffy Boats emphasizes that they are more than just a boat; they are a way of life. They are not fast boats because they are electric, and a major allure is the laid-back style of sailing at a moderate speed with your pals. The boat’s ease of operation is one of its main advantages, which explains why it’s so popular as a rental boat for exploring harbors and rivers. Because of its simple design and modest speed, there isn’t a lot that can go wrong.

A majority of Duffy boats are designed to sail at a speed of around 5 miles per hour. A single battery pack will last roughly 3.5 hours. The double battery pack will do twice that, plus 15%. Duffy batteries can endure between 800 and 1,200 charging and discharging cycles. This equates to around 5 to 6 years of average use before the batteries need to be replaced. Plug and play emphasizes the boat’s ease of use and upkeep. The only moving part in the boat is the motor, and the charger and battery are the only other components that need to be maintained.


Duffy Boats are designed to be used in protected waterways rather than on the open sea. They have taken part in several long-distance excursions, although they are not built to withstand the rough unprotected waters of the ocean. Even with a protective barrier around the boat, its open sides render them vulnerable to waves so enjoy the waterways with ease! The boats are highly durable and built to last because they are composed of fiberglass. In their interiors, they use high-quality woods, such as cherry. Thousands of Duffy Boats are rented each year from rental firms due to their amazing qualities.

Voyagers Rentals for your Duffy Boat Excursion

Our Newport Beach Duffy Boats allow you to visit and transverse Balboa Island, CA, where you’ll find breathtaking attractions, such as lovely houses and amazing scenery. The bay’s weather is ideal for sailing at any season of the year! This means you’ll be able to fully immerse yourself in the immersive experience without any worries about bad weather disrupting your trip.

When you choose Voyager Rentals you can drift by the marina and take an immersive look at all of the amazing sights Newport Beach has to offer! Call us today!