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Marina Park

A hub for locals and tourists alike, Marina Park offers a lighthouse playground by a community center with amazing views of Newport Bay. Large grassy areas for picnicking, professional meeting and event rooms available to rent, provide indoor and outdoor opportunities to spend time with family, friends, and coworkers. Originally owned by Pacific Electric Land in 1919, the City bought this land and opened a campground. After mobile home leases ended in 1985, the campground transformed into the recreational space it is today.

Balboa Pier

Towards the edge of the Peninsula, Balboa Pier stands overlooking the soft Balboa Beach sands. Built in 1906, the pier was co-constructed with the Balboa Pavilion to attract tourism. With beautiful oceanfront scenery, it’s perfect for walking, biking, and dining; stop by Ruby’s Diner at the edge of the pier for classic American comfort eats.

Balboa Fun Zone

Near the Balboa Pier, the Balboa Fun Zone celebrates its 80th anniversary of providing community entertainment. Constructed in 1936, this park has arcade and carnival games, rock climbing, swing and trampoline rides, and a ferris wheel alongside gorgeous waterfront views. In addition to amusement, guests can enjoy delicious food, savory and sweet. From BBQ burgers, to gourmet corn dogs and pizza, to chocolate dipped ice cream bars, the options won’t disappoint. Want to hit the water? Near the Marina, there are also opportunities to parasail, jet ski, and rent boats.

Rent A Duffy Boat Nearby!

Since boat rentals are currently unavailable at the Balboa Zone, check out the next closest option just across Newport Bay! Near the Balboa Island Ferry dock, on Balboa Island, Voyager Rentals has 8 and 12-seater duffy boats available for rent. Instead of driving along the Peninsula or taking the ferry, your boat ride will allow you the freedom to explore and travel to different locations all around Newport Beach. Whether it’s a group celebration or intimate gathering, book your boat cruise today for stunning views and endless memories.