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Fashion Island

One of the most popular places to shop in Newport Beach is Fashion Island. Displaying a coastal Mediterranean design, this shopping mecca contains luxurious brands, culinary experiences, and community gathering events. Over 150 shops and 40 restaurants provide variety so there’s something for everyone. Check out the beautiful Koi Pond and Atrium Lawn in the mall center for an additional experience.

Lido Marina Village

Right along the water’s edge lies another great shopping destination. Although smaller in comparison, Lido Marina Village contains name brand apparel, home decor collections, beauty salons, fitness studios, and high-end bars and restaurants. This plaza cultivates community connection through events like children’s book readings and live music.

Pirate House

Separated from the hustle of shopping centers is a unique visual experience, known as Pirate House. Located on 35th St. and Marcus Ave, a local residential home can be seen decked out with Pirate mannequins and other pirate-themed paraphernalia. A ransacking scene unfolds on the surfaces of the house and boats in the canal. Since this is a common spectacle, please respect the neighborhood upon viewing.

Newport Beach Pier

Overlooking the soft sands of the Balboa Peninsula, the Newport Beach Pier was first built in 1888 as a fisherman’s dock, otherwise known as McFadden’s Wharf. As the economy changed, it evolved into a place for civilian leisure– nearby shops and dining.

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