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The Best Place to Rent a Duffy in Newport Beach

Duffy Boat Rental In Newport Beach

A Duffy is more than just an electric boat; it’s a way of life! Renting a Duffy boat is one of the most popular and entertaining activities in Newport Beach. This is the ultimate way to unwind, have fun, and take in the spectacular views of Newport Bay, whether you’re a native or a visitor.

Duffy Boats are electric-powered boats that can be rented by anybody over the age of 21 without the need to pay a captain. Plan a fun family outing, a group adventure on Newport Harbor, or a romantic sunset boat ride with your significant other. Let’s look at the advantages of Duffy boats and the best place to rent them.

The Advantages of a Duffy

The scope of boating is changing, and many people believe that electric motors are the way of the future. Here’s a run down of some of the advantages of Duffy boats over gas-powered boats.

  • There are no restrictions: They do not have any restrictions on navigation in regions where internal combustion engines are not permitted, such as maritime protected areas. The spectrum of solar-powered boats is nearly endless.
  • Batteries with a thin profile: Slim accumulators are produced by firms who got their designs from the automobile industry. These can be strategically placed at the bottom of the hull to balance the boat and provide a lot of power in a little space.
  • Adaptable and flexible: Some photovoltaic or solar panels can be bought in unique forms and sizes to fit into the project seamlessly.
  • Less weight means more room: Even the heaviest and bulkiest batteries (conventional lead-acid batteries) do not affect the displacement of your diesel tanks, engine, or accessories that they can replace.
  • Additional charging options: Sunlight, water, generators, wind, fuel cells, can be used to power Duffy boats; whereas, there is only one fuel that can be used in an internal combustion engine.
  • In the absence of transmission: Connecting gears and transmission to deliver engine power to the propeller can be eliminated with electric motors. Placing the propeller and engine in a pod that can rotate on its axis to aid maneuverability.
  • Relatively quiet: Electric motors have a reputation for being less noisy than gas motors. This lets you cruise the waters without bothering the wildlife. This means you’ll be able to maneuver without scaring fish away, giving you more (and better) chances to land that impressive catch.
  • It’s also good for the environment: Of course, compared to gas propulsion, electric boat engines are considerably better for the environment. This is one of the reasons why many homeowners’ organizations on local community lakes require electric boats.
  • They’re ideal for community lakes: Lake homeowners associations require electric propulsion engines because they are far cleaner and quieter than gas engines. So, if you want a lakeside property, you’ll almost certainly have to go electric to be considerate of your neighbors and nearby waters.

Their Affordability is Impressive

Duffy engines are becoming a more practical choice for a growing number of individuals as lithium-ion battery prices continue to plummet. The automobile industry is embracing this transition, making Duffy engines more affordable too!

Easy Maintenance

An electronic engine has no pistons; therefore, it’s not necessary to check the gas or change the oil. As a result, for our east coast friends, there is no need to winterize an electric motor. The entire boating season process is smooth compared to that of a gas boat owner. This is especially beneficial during the “in-between” season when you never truly know if it’s the last session of the year until you go out.

Of course, after you’ve winterized your vehicle, you’re done for the year. You’ll be able to get out on the lake for that beautiful freak-warm-weekend in November if you don’t have to winterize.

Voyagers Rentals

Voyagers Rentals in Newport Beach is the premier creator of the best and most attractive boats and vintage motor yachts, as well as the most modern electric propulsion systems. Handcrafted and specifically fitted to your specifications, all of our boats and Duffy motors are made to order.

Voyagers Rentals provides an elegant and luxurious Duffy rental experience in Newport. Our boats are well-kept, clean, and comfortable, providing you with the enjoyment you’re craving out on the sparkling water. Contact us today for more information!