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What is Newport beach known for?

Newport Duffy

In a nutshell, Newport Beach, California is known for upscale shopping, nice restaurants, and coastal views. The best part of Newport Beach is the beach itself, known as the Balboa Peninsula. This area is skinny and long and is a natural harbor. There are little human-made islands and a lot to do.

Why Visit Newport Beach

Visiting Newport Beach gives you a taste of history and charm. Located right off the Pacific Coast Highway, it is a refuge from busy cities nearby. This is a place where kids run around, and the area is laid back. You may truly feel transported back in time until you hit one of the fancy restaurants located nearby.

When to Visit

Newport Beach has great southern California weather year round. The only time that it may not be great is in June, which is somewhat odd. This is why December and holiday time is a great time to visit. 

Newport Duffy

What is Newport Beach Known For?

Balboa Island

Driving to Balboa Island is one of the most quintessential things you can do in Newport Beach. Grab the ferry and go for a walk. The houses are a site to look at and various shopping opportunities are everywhere. 

The Beach

Balboa Peninsula’s beach is one of the best in an urban location in the United States. If you want to spend your time on the ocean side or harbor side, you will have a lot of options. Go body surfing or relax on the Corona del Mar State Beach sits below cliffs.

The Pier

Take a walk on one of two piers. The Balboa Pier is near the Fun Zone on Balboa Island, and the Newport Beach Pier is north. Go to the Fish Market at Dory Fleet which opens at 6:30 a.m. 

Harbor Cruise

This can be such a fun time. Float past private boat docs and listen to the captain talk about different parts of the island. You can find million-dollar mansions and small homes alike. 

Parasailing or Water Sports

Go to the water and rent a jet ski, paddleboard, or even go parasailing. The Wedge at the end of the Balboa Peninsula is popular for bodysurfing, and surfers are often found near the Balboa Pier. 

Sherman Gardens

The Sherman Library and Gardens are a fun place to check out plants. You can find tons of beauty in this garden to enjoy for hours.

Duffy Boats

Newport Duffy Rental is an extremely unique and popular thing to do in Newport Beach. These boats are quiet and eco-friendly. Anyone can operate them, and especially in these calm waters. You can drink on a Duffy Boat, have a picnic, and fit up to 11 people! 

Newport Beach is Known for Fun

Whatever you are doing in Newport Beach you are bound to have fun. Whether that is on a Duffy Boat or in the water, Newport Beach is a beautiful place to enjoy.

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