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Can you drink on a Duffy boat?

If you have ever thought to visit Newport beach then you are in for a treat. Newport is an exciting city located in the coastal center of Orange County. Los Angeles County is right nearby, and San Diego County is to the south. With a population of 86,738, the summer months offer up to 100,000 people living there with anywhere from 20,000 to 100,000 tourists daily.

One of the huge draws to Newport Beach is the nice residential neighborhoods, as well as shopping, and watersport activities. There are 4,300 boats of all types docked within the 21-square-mile harbor. Here you can go fishing, swimming, surfing, and do aquatic sports activities, such as rent a Duffy boat from Newport Duffy Rental.

Can you drink on a Duffy boat

What is a Duffy Boat?

Voyager’s Rentals specialize in Duffy Electric Boat rentals. They are both Comfortable and luxurious and are easy to drive. You can hang out on one with your friends and family all day. They move very slowly which allows you to have drinks, food, or even play board games. Cruise on the ocean and enjoy a Duffy boat.

You do not need a boating license to rent or drive a Duffy, and you only need to be 21 years old. If you are under 21 you must have someone older on board to supervise. The best part about a Duffy boat is bringing your own food and drink. It is legal to drink alcohol on board, but it is essential to remember you cannot drive the boat with a blood alcohol level over 0.08%. This is for everyone’s safety on the water.

If you do not want to drive the boat yourself, then you can hire a captain, but otherwise, feel free to explore the waters on your own. You can even bring your pet or service animal onboard as well.

Other Activities in Newport Beach

The Balboa Peninsula is an option if you are in Newport Beach. This is a three-mile stretch of land is bordered on one side by the harbor and on the other side by sandy beaches and the Pacific Ocean. It is truly beautiful and a wonderful place to visit. 

Another wonderful attraction is Corona del Mar State Beach. This is a state park and beach that is operated by the city of Newport Beach. It covers 30 acres and is a half-mile-long protected sandy beach. 

Head to the Newport Pier at the center of the Balboa Peninsula in Newport Beach. This is an exciting place that was originally used for shipping, but now offers dining, fishing, and walking. It is a must-see when in Newport both for families, friends, or couples. 

Contact us today to rent your Duffy boat for your Newport trip!

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