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Top 3 Things To Do On Balboa Island

Balboa Island

Balboa Island is a gorgeous island in California that offers a variety of beautiful spaces to explore with all of your favorite people. When you visit, you can really just venture out and explore the island, but people generally enjoy the experience more if they have a clear plan to enjoy some of the more exciting opportunities that the island offers. 

Planning Your Trip to Balboa Island

Making a plan for your visit is completely optional, but it can add so much more when you chase down the best experiences. These fun options give you the opportunity to learn more about the island and experience it in a completely new way.

Rent A Boat

The best way to experience Balboa Island is to do it entirely on your own terms, and there is no better way to go about that than exploring the island by boat with a boat rental. A boat rental gives you the freedom to see the island from all kinds of new angles that you might miss on the ferry, allowing you to experience it in an entirely new way and collect incredible pictures. Even better, boat rentals give you a chance to grab your favorite people and separate yourself from the crowds on the island.

Visit the Balboa Fun Zone

The Balboa Fun Zone is an iconic location that has been popular since the nineties, and it is easy to see why so many generations have fond memories of this place. The land was first purchased for $1, and though it has passed through many hands throughout the years, the modern Balboa Fun Zone allows you to experience a little extra fun with its amusement part. The park has all kinds of exciting ways to pass the time and is appropriate for guests of all ages.

Explore Marine Avenue

On Balboa Island, Marine Avenue is the go-to place for the majority of visitors. It is an expansive space that is home to all kinds of local wonders, including shops and privately owned bistros. Visiting this part of the island is necessary, especially after a day of having fun or zipping around in your own private boat. There are so many things to try that you will want to go back again and again.

The Takeaway

Balboa Island offers so many wonderful ways to pass the time that it is impossible to choose just one to go with. The best way to experience this island is simply to make a day with it where you can experiment and explore all of the different offerings. Whether you choose to check out Balboa Island boat rentals or you want to head over for a little shopping instead, this is a great place to go for dates, time out with the family, and even team-building opportunities with your peers. The best days on Balboa island are the ones that last the longest!

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