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Are babies allowed on Duffy boats?

Are babies allowed on duffy boats?

Renting a private boat for your group is one of the best ways to explore the sights of Newport Beach and Balboa Island. Through Balboa Island boat rentals, families, friends, or coworkers can experience an affordable yet luxurious adventure aboard a Duffy boat.

But what are the age restrictions on a Duffy and how safe is it to be out on the water? Find out more about how many people can fit on a Duffy boat, if it’s safe for children, and what safety steps you can perform to have a fun time aboard your boat. 

About Duffy boat age restrictions

Each Duffy boat captain is required to be at least 21 years of age or older. However, anyone of any age can enjoy their time aboard a Duffy boat. These boats are sturdy and comfortable, making them a great choice for families.

Duffy’s can accommodate children of all ages, including babies, as long as all safety instructions are met. There are two different sizes of Duffy boats, as well. A 12 person Duffy can seat up to 10 people comfortably, while an 8 person Duffy can seat between six and eight people comfortably.

Having the right safety equipment and following safety rules can all help guests have a safe and fun excursion aboard their Duffy boat rental. Read on to discover even more safety tips for you and your family before you set sail.

Top safety tips for Duffy boat rentals

Use safety equipment onboard

Duffy boat rentals include life jackets and flotation devices for all passengers. U.S. Coast Guard regulations dictate that all young passengers must wear life jackets at all times aboard the boat. Child-sized life jackets are available for kids and provide a more proper fit. Although infants in carriers are not required to wear a flotation device, we recommend keeping one on hand. Life jackets are paramount during an emergency, even for strong swimmers. 

Bring an emergency safety kit

Although standard safety items are always included on your boat, you may want to pack an emergency bag just in case. Packing extra safety equipment can help put parent’s minds at ease. Consider bringing a flashlight, motion sickness tablets, snacks, and a small first aid kit. You can also bring games or electronics for youngsters.

Respect local waterway rules

Each Duffy boat is supplied with a map of the harbor and highlighted routes. You can increase your safety aboard your Duffy rental by keeping adequate distance between you and other vessels. Additionally, maintain a responsible speed and avoid other hazards. Items like Mylar foil balloons, confetti, and candles are also not permitted on the waterways. 

Keep an eye on the weather

Although California is known for its sunny weather, storms do occasionally appear. When the wind picks up, so do the waves. Choppy water can be a dangerous liability when it comes to boating. Be sure to check the weather reports and forecasts before venturing out on your boat.

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