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How Many People Actually Fit in a Duffy Boat?

A Duffy boat is a wonderful vessel to explore local waters on, and they are well-known for having the ability to carry multiple people. Popular for small to medium-sized groups, these boats can provide a great way to get out and enjoy the sun with some of your closest companions, but how many people can these boats actually hold? Let’s find out. 

Newport Duffy Boat

Understanding Duffy Boat Sizes

There are a variety of Duffy boat models available to the general public, but that doesn’t mean that they are all the right boats to suit your needs. One of the biggest considerations that people make when choosing a model is the actual size of the Duffy boat. 

Do Duffy Boat Sizes Matter?

Size can play a big role when you want to rent or buy a Duffy boat because the size will determine how well the boat will meet your needs. Though size might not matter for some groups, it can have a huge impact on comfort and capacity for others.

Larger boats are able to accommodate more passengers, so anyone looking to take a bigger party out will want to choose a larger boat to meet that need. Some smaller groups might also want a larger boat size for extra room, but it isn’t completely necessary. 

Choosing the Right Size

When most people choose a boat size, they generally decide based on the number of people that they want to take out. Choosing a boat of the right size can ensure everyone’s safety and comfort, so you will want to ask let your rental service know how many people you intend to take out. 

How Many People Do Our Duffy Boats Hold?

We currently offer two models for our Duffy boats, and we encourage our customers to make a choice depending on the size of their party. 

Our smaller models are designed to hold up to 8 people. With this model, there is enough space to comfortably hold 8 adult guests—and more importantly, it is safe for 8 guests in total. 

Our larger models accommodate up to 12 people aboard the boat at any given point in time. This is the largest model that we offer, so larger parties will need to choose multiple boats rather than one boat to ensure safety and comfort. 

The Takeaway

Boats are a great way to see the land from a brand new angle, and people generally enjoy them because they allow you to get out into nature without the crowds. If you’re looking for a Newport Duffy rental boat, don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about our boats and packages. Ideal for a variety of exciting events–be it a simple day out on the water or an opportunity to celebrate a birthday–Duffy boats are just plain fun and allow you to step away from the city and enjoy the water.

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