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Newport Duffy Blog

Duffy Boat Maintenance

How To Keep Your Duffy Boat in Great Shape

Duffy Boats are electric boats that are designed to be eco-friendly and provide a fun and relaxing experience on the water. These boats are perfect for cruising around the harbor, entertaining friends and family, or just enjoying a peaceful day on the water. However, like any other boat, a Duffy boat requires proper maintenance to…

How to Keep Your Duffy Boat in Service for Years

If you’re the proud owner of a Duffy boat, you probably enjoy spending time out on the water. Duffy boats are known for their quality craftsmanship and durability, but even the best boats need proper care and maintenance to stay in good condition. Here are four tips on how to keep your Duffy boat running…

The Best Place to Rent a Duffy in Newport Beach

A Duffy is more than just an electric boat; it’s a way of life! Renting a Duffy boat is one of the most popular and entertaining activities in Newport Beach. This is the ultimate way to unwind, have fun, and take in the spectacular views of Newport Bay, whether you’re a native or a visitor….