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How to Keep Your Duffy Electric Boat Reliable for A Long Spell

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There is nothing better than spending time sailing on the water on a sunny afternoon during weekends. You feel all is right in the world when the wind blows against your face out on the water while you are holding a cold drink in your hand. You wouldn’t want your weekend experience to be ruined because your electric boat hasn’t been maintained.

Making the most of your boat requires constant care and maintenance. Below you’ll find a list of electric boat maintenance tips you need to know to keep your E-boat in good shape throughout the year and for a long time.

Keep the Boat’s Exterior Clean

Keeping the electric boat’s exterior washed and free of salt and grime is one of the most important steps you can take in the maintenance of your electric boat. Keeping a clean exterior allows you to accentuate the boat’s beauty, and it also prevents the spread of invasive species. This protects the waterways.

Furthermore, if the exterior of your boat is kept clean, you will keep the finish intact and therefore protect its structure. You want to avoid spending a lot of money to remove scratches and abrasions caused by sea salt if you do not remove it regularly.

Finally, an electric boat with a clean exterior has a better overall performance. You can use Meguiar’s Marine/RV Gel Wash in removing dirt and grime from the surface of your electric boat. A major advantage of this wash is that it is eco-friendly. You can also use 4U, a nontoxic degreaser cleaner that helps to remove tough and stubborn stains from the boat’s surface.

Maintain Your Boat’s Battery

Maintenance of the boat’s battery is another very important maintenance tip to ensure your electric boat stays reliable for a long period. An electric boat’s battery can last up to 1,200 cycles on the water if it is kept charged and filled with water.

Don’t fill the battery completely with water when you fill it for routine maintenance. Simply fill it up to a half-inch from the top of the plates. You can also do this after the battery has been charged.

Furthermore, you should not put a new battery into a pack with a cycle count over 75 or a 6-month-old battery. In place of new batteries, you should use decently used batteries or replace them all.

Lastly, if your battery pack isn’t fully charged when the weather is cold, you could experience freezing issues. When storing your battery during the winter, make sure you keep it charged.

Ensure Your Electric Boat is Store Properly

When it comes to storage, take special care with your electric boat. Proper storage will safeguard your E-boat from weather-related damage, especially during the winter.

You can protect your boat from rain, ice, and snow by storing it properly. Additionally, you can ensure proper airflow within the boat to prevent the growth of mildew.

If you intend to store your electric boat outdoors, ensure to secure it properly with a cover. If possible, hire an expert to help shrink-wrap your electric boat. This will help to keep your boat covered and well-ventilated simultaneously.

Indoor storage is a better option for storing your boat because it provides it with maximum protection against the heat of the sun and bad weather elements. For instance, during winter you can store your Duffy electric boat in a storage facility or garage. Another viable option for the safekeeping of your boat is the dry stacking option, it ensures that your boat is well protected.

Ensure to clean the bottom of the boat

Make sure to constantly clean the bottom of the electric boat, as this can help retain the hull’s integrity. One problem that boats encounter is the growth of barnacles, which is encouraged by saltwater. Hence, it is very important to ensure that the bottom of the boat is constantly cleaned and repainted to help prevent barnacles from growing. Be sure to remove both algae and barnacles from the hull through pressure washing or hand scrubbing. Make sure to have them polished and protected with wax by a professional once a year. This is crucial, especially if your hulls are of a dark hue. Failure to have them polished and waxed would cause the color to fade over time.

Your Duffy Specialists: Voyager Rentals

For more tips on how to maintain your electric Duffy Electric Boat Exterior Cleaning boat to ensure it stays in great shape, and for it to be reliable for a long period, reach out to us at Voyagers Rentals. Feel free to visit us in Newport Beach, CA. For more inquiries about our Duffy electric boat renting services, call us today!