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How to Get the Most Unique Experience with Voyagers Rental in Newport Beach

Benefits of Ranting A Duffy Boat

Renting a boat is always a good idea for first-time adventurers who are unfamiliar with boating and its intricacies. Renting a variety of marine vehicles also makes it easy to enjoy boating without the responsibility of maintenance, storage, and insurance. Renting boats provides you with hands-on experience and pleasure without the hassle!

The Joys of Renting a Boat vs. Buying One

Check out our list of the top reasons why you’re better off renting a boat than buying one:

Save Money and Change the Scenery

Owning the boat means higher investments. Yachts and boats have a big price tag. Depending on the type and size, the price might reach many thousands of dollars. Furthermore, upkeep is an expensive reality.

Renting a boat, on the other hand, is far more affordable, and it allows you to have the same kind of unique experience while keeping to a budget planned for fun activities or hobbies. You can quickly book your favorite day on the water with simply one tap of your mouse or a swipe on your smartphone. This beats owning a boat and its financial pitfalls any day! By renting a boat, you can easily take your spouse on a day cruise, go on an adventure with your family, entertain guests for hours, and provide an alternative for your friends to the typical Sunday grilling in the backyard.

Avoid Property Depreciation and Costs

Some people consider their boats to be an extension of their home life. Living on the water is a unique and unforgettable experience, but a drawback is that boating consumes a lot of gasoline, has high insurance costs, and costs if you use a marina. It also requires you to pay for the depreciation. Boats are assessed based on the amount of time they spend operating their engines. The resale value of an engine is determined by the number of hours it has been operating, so the more it has been utilized, the lower its resale value.

Renting a boat relieves you of the worry of wear and tear as well as the depreciation, storage costs, and insurance. When you decide to be out on the water, you simply rent the boat based on your needs, and voila! You’re sailing without worries!

Zero maintenance cost

The cost of maintaining a boat of any kind is exceedingly high. If the cost of purchasing a boat does not deter you, then storing your boat may undoubtedly catch you off guard. Boats require a lot of maintenance because they are continuously exposed to the elements and are often damaged due to corrosive salt in the water.

Renting a boat relieves you of all routine maintenance duties, mooring equipment needs, and purchasing cleaning equipment. After-care of your boat can dampen your fun at the end of a fun excursion. By renting, you simply return the boat, and our maintenance service will take over from there.

Variety of Boats to Enjoy

Even if you’re a complete novice when it comes to boating, you can very well still enjoy a range of boats rather than being stuck with one you own. Having the option of renting a variety of boats gives you flexibility in terms of how you want to spend your day on the water. There is a large selection of rentable cruise boats accessible online, and picking the right one to suit your needs is a very crucial step in any unique experience on the water!

Voyagers Rentals for your Next Water Adventure

We invite you to navigate the exquisite waters of Newport Bay on our Duffy boats. Decorated Duffy BoatVoyagers Rentals takes a fresh approach to boat rentals in Newport Beach, offering an exceptional experience with amazing delivery at all times, making booking reservations on our luxury vessels simple.

We’re the leading designer and manufacturer of the greatest and most stylish boats, as well as the most cutting-edge electric propulsion systems. All of our antique boats and Duffy motors are handcrafted and carefully fitted to provide the best on the water!

In Newport, Voyagers Rentals offers a sophisticated and vast Duffy rental experience. Our boats are well-maintained, clean, and comfortable, providing the feeling that you are on your boat but without all the setbacks. We are on hand to meet all of your requirements and ensure that you enjoy the greatest possible experience! Give us a call today to rent your next boat!