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Is Newport Beach Safe?

Newport Beach

Newport Beach is located on the coast of Orange County, California. It is an affluent coastal community, and located only 9 miles southwest of Irvine. In 1900s, Newport Bay was dredged to create Newport Harbor. Now it is home to almost 90,000 people.

With a median household income of $122,700, it is an affluent community. The crime rate in Newport Beach is very low and the city is incredibly safe. This safe city has a violent crime rate 62% below the national average.

What to Do in Newport Beach?

Newport Beach is beautiful and one of the best places to surf in the world. It has incredible museums, and beaches as well. You definitely must visit the Orange County Museum of Art. This is a museum that first opened in 1962. It was remodeled in 1997 and contains over 4,500 works of art.

Another thing to do is to take the ferry to Balboa Island. Here you can go paddle-boarding, or see whales and dolphins in their natural habitat. Go on a ferry from Newport beach and go explore. Grab food at the Island Market & Grille, go shopping, or a cocktail at sunset.

One thing you definitely need to do is to get a frozen banana from Sugar ‘n’ Spice. This is a desert spot that was showing in the hit comedy TV show Arrested Development. In real life, Sugar ’n Spice is the original frozen banana bar on Balboa. It was opened in 1945, and every banana is made to order and is still hand-dipped. Get chocolate, dark chocolate, peanut butter or cherry dip, and then have it rolled in a choice of colorful and crunchy toppings.

You can explore some of the best beaches, such as Crystal Cove. Here you can walk 3.2 miles of natural seashore along with turquoise Pacific waters. It is known as a quiet spot to enjoy scuba diving as well as fishing, kayaking, and surfing.

No trip to Newport is complete without booking a firepit at Beachcomber. This is located in Crystal Cove State Park, and they serve big-jar cocktails. Be sure to grab the bloody mary as it was voted the best in the OC. They also have excellent seafood and you can sit on the beach. Do the fire pit package and barbecue your own shrimp, followed by gooey s’mores.

Finally, head to the Sherman Library and Gardens. This is a wonderful place to explore nature through books. These date back to the 1950s. You can join a garden tour, outdoor painting class or have afternoon tea. Enjoy the books, and the outdoors in a fairytale setting.

No trip is complete without renting a Duffy Boat to cruise. You can eat and drink on the boat, it is the best way to experience Newport Beach. Contact us today for Duffy Boat Rentals Newport Beach.

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