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Newport Duffy Blog

Duffy Boat in Newport Beach

Want To Sail Silently: Pick A Duffy Boat In Newport Beach

The picturesque allure of Newport Beach is complemented by an experience that beckons locals and tourists alike: Duffy boat rentals. These electric-powered vessels offer more than just a ride; they promise a serene journey along the stunning Newport Harbor. Glide across the waters, surrounded by the sheer beauty of the coastline, and feel the pulse…

Make Your Day Memorable with a Duffy Boat in Newport Beach

Newport Beach, with its stunning coastal beauty and vibrant atmosphere, offers an array of activities for locals and visitors alike. One exceptional way to create lasting memories and explore the beauty of Newport Beach is by renting an electric Duffy boat. Voyagers Rentals, our premier boat rental company, provides the perfect opportunity to embark on…