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Most Fun Newport Beach Tours: Sail The Harbor of Newport Beach With Our Gorgeous Boat Rentals

Most Fun Newport Beach Tours

Take in the glistening California ocean as you glide past the waves in luxury with our premium Newport Beach boat rentals. Located on Balboa Island, a stone’s throw from the Ferry, our electric Duffy boat rentals in Newport Beach provide an experience for you, your friends, or your family to see this beautiful coast in opulent splendor, making for a well-deserved, relaxing ride.

Why Voyagers Rentals For Your Boat Trips in Newport Beach?

Voyagers Rentals stands out as Newport Beach’s top Duffy boat rental service provider, ensuring exceptional boat rides in Newport Beach, CA, that make for a true escape. Keep your eyes peeled while you’re out there sipping your favorite beverage and rocking to the waves because you may catch a glimpse of the many whales that reside along this historic port town!

Adventure Favors the Bold: Boat Trips in Newport Beach

  • Luxury and Comfort: Our boats offer our customers the homey comfort and grandeur that owning one’s own vessel would grant. Cherish your Newport Beach boat tour with the highest standard of service and beautifully maintained vessels promising safety and pristine luxury.
  • Tailored Experiences: Turn your boat rental into a Newport Beach whale-watching tour with the simple steer of a nautical wheel. Our offerings are crafted for each unique customer to grant them the freedom of exploring a bay at their own whims, creating lasting memories for friends and family.
  • Exceptional Service: At Voyagers Rentals, we prioritize your experience, making sure you are exposed to all the things you dream of seeing on the sea. All of our channels are executed with seamless professionalism; from booking to sailing the sea, we provide our customers with an unmatched personal touch.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you spend a day at Newport Beach?

The Idyllic day at Newport Beach includes vast expanses of ocean and port. The way to see it all is undoubtedly by boat. Our Newport Beach tour boats are designed to give people the whole Newport Beach experience that will imprint on their memory for years to come.

Is Newport Beach, California, worth visiting?

Absolutely, it is! With sprawling vistas of coastline, cute little shops, and substantial nightlife, Newport Beach has everything you need to take that genuinely relaxed breath. See it all from the ocean with our Newport Beach boat rentals and know what it’s like to experience heaven!

Why Is Newport Beach so popular?

Newport Beach’s popularity stems from its charming coastal village feel. The shopping is exceptional, and the boat rides in Newport Beach, CA, provide people with unforgettable memories that have made this place a must-see for people who need to slow down and breathe the salty air.

Book Your Newport Beach Boat Rental Today!

The opportunity to experience Newport from the comfort of a luxury Duffy boat is knocking on your door. Taste the freshest air you can find and book a rental with us by calling (949) 954-7850 or via to reserve your magnificent boat for some freedom out on the vast seas of Southern California.