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How Many People Can Fit on a Duffy Boat?

Newport Duffy Boat

Since their creation back in 1970, plenty of people have chosen Duffy boats as their preferred way to spend time out on the water. Having just passed their 50th anniversary, these boats are now more refined and popular than ever. These electric boats are a common choice and can offer a great way for groups to head out onto the water and enjoy a bit of fun. In this article, we will help you to decide if choosing a Duffy boat is right for you.

Everything You Need to Know About a Duffy Boat

Duffy boats are a popular choice, but it is always important to learn more before you make a decision to buy or rent one. Available everywhere that the ocean touches—and more—these compact boats provide a wonderful time out on the water. Ideal for warm summer days, Duffy electric boats empower groups of different sizes to get out on the water for an adventure out in the bay.

How Big is a Duffy Boat?

Like most other recreational boats, Duffy boats come in different models. Some are smaller and more compact, and others are rather large. Ranging anywhere from 16’ to 22’, these boats can offer support for groups of various sizes, making them ideal for anyone that is looking to enjoy themselves on a lake or ocean.

What is the Capacity of a Duffy Boat?

Since Duffy boats do come in different sizes, they also have different capacities. At Voyager’s Boat Rentals, we offer Duffy Boats in two main sizes. Our smaller size is built to hold up to 8 people in total. Our larger size can accommodate up to 12 passengers with a minimal price difference. You can choose the Duffy boat that is right for your group size and set out across the waves.

Is a Duffy Boat Safe to Use?

Any time that you step onto a boat, you are assuming a certain level of risk simply because there is no way to guarantee what will happen while you are out on the water. However, Duffy boats are easy to use and are considered to be fairly safe compared to other options. Since they are designed as a more comfortable ride, they are often considered one of the more secure boat types that are available. Though there is never a guarantee of safety, appropriate use should offer a safe and enjoyable voyage!


For the best Duffy boat rentals Newport Beach has to offer, don’t hesitate to come to visit us at Voyager’s Boat Rentals. We offer Duffy boat rentals for parties of different sizes and have helped countless individuals to make memories that they will cherish forever. Popular for celebrating promotions, anniversaries, and birthdays, our Duffy boats are always ready to help you to get the most out of your time out in Newport. Complete with music and a canopy top to keep you safe from sun and rain, our boats are ready to take you that extra mile.

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