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How long can I rent my Duffy boat for?

Newport Duffy Boats


Have you been looking for a way to spend a weekend that involves luxury and the natural beauty of Newport Beach? Voyagers Rentals is the place for you to take a relaxing and luxurious cruise through beautiful Newport Bay and around the neighboring Balboa Islands. Relax with friends, family, or coworkers, celebrate a birthday or an engagement, or simply just take a few hours to yourself to enjoy the natural beauty of Newport Bay.

Our electric boats are spacious, comfortably fitting 7-12 adults per boat with room for relaxation and refreshment. You can dine on these boats or make stops at dock-friendly restaurants along the bay and check out the scene. Each boat is equipped with a canopy for sunny days and even window enclosures in the case of undesirable weather. Each boat comes equipped with an MP3 player and CD compatible stereo system for your ultimate enjoyment of the atmosphere. 

Still have more questions? Here are some FAQs we can help answer: 

How long can I rent a Duffy boat for? 

We rent out boats out for a duration of 2 hours to give you optimal time to explore Newport Bay and all the sites to see within the area. It’s the perfect amount of time to soak up the sun and the water before going about the rest of your day, and wherever your celebrations may take you. 

How many people can go on one Duffy boat? 

Each boat is sized to easily fit 8 to 12 adults along with seating, tables, any amenities, and refreshments. This makes it ideal for dinner parties, bridal showers, birthdays, or Thanksgiving dinners.

What is the cost of each Duffy boat rental? 

While each boat can hold up to 12 people, we charge a little extra if you do hit that mark. For 7 people, the price is $200 for 2 hours. For 12 it’s $230 for 2 hours. We also have a $50 cleaning fee when applicable in certain rental situations. 

Who is allowed to drive the Duffy boat? 

Any Duffy boat must be operated by a person 21 years of age or older. State driver’s license alone is not enough, 21 is the youngest age for any potential boat operator in your party. This is non negotiable. 

Can we bring pets on our trip? 

Pets are not allowed on any Duffy boat. 

Am I able to swim or fish while on the boat? 

Fishing and swimming are restricted while renting one of our Duffy boats. No water excursions are allowed as these boats are not designed for such activities. They are solely for onboard recreation. 

If you’re interested in renting a Duffy boat, you can get in touch with us to inquire about availability to rent a Duffy boat for your next celebration, whether it be birthday, engagement, anniversary, holiday, or more! We want to be a part of your luxury today!

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