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How old do you have to be to rent a Duffy boat

Duffy boat rentals in Newport Beach

Located in Orange County, California, Newport Beach is one of the most popular vacation spots. It’s the perfect area to catch a wave, take in the boardwalk sights, or have a lazy day on the beach. There’s also tons of other activities like fishing, swimming, shopping, or beach sports.

One of the best ways to experience Newport Beach and the nearby Balboa Island is on a private, luxury Duffy boat. Through Duffy boat rentals in Newport Beach, both locals and visitors can get a one-of-a-kind boating experience. Duffy boats are great for all occasions – whether you’re looking to relax with your friends or seeking out the best fishing spots. 

Learn more about how to rent your own private boat, plus more information on Duffy rentals below. 

Duffy Boat Rentals Age Requirements

One of the many perks of renting a Duffy is that these electric boats are very simple to operate. There’s no special licensure or certifications needed to rent or operate a Duffy. The main stipulation is that guests need to be 21 years old in order to rent, or be supervised by someone older than 21 while on board. This ensures that all guests onboard will have a fun and safe excursion.

Because of this age requirement, guests can feel free to bring along their favorite beverages and snacks, including alcoholic beverages. Those operating the boat should maintain a blood alcohol level under 0.08% due to safety regulations. Once out on the water, you can navigate anywhere you’d like and explore the beautiful backdrop of Newport Beach and Balboa Island.

Safety is key

Despite the rental age requirement, there is always some risk when venturing out on unknown waters. If you’ve never explored the Newport Beach area before via a private vessel, no worries! Keep the following in mind before you head out.

Duffy boats are designed for safety. These small, electric boats are a safer option when going out on the water. They are extremely sturdy and designed for a smooth ride despite choppy water. Duffy boats are considered one of the most secure electric boats to ride in.

Follow all safety guidelines for a guaranteed good time. Safety guidelines are put in place for a reason. This ensures that all guests have a safe, comfortable, and fun time while renting a Duffy boat. Be sure to keep your vessel clean and don’t take unnecessary risks when it comes to weather or speeding. You are the captain, so treat your seafaring vessel and crew accordingly.

Fun for large or small groups alike

Duffy boat rentals in Newport Beach provide a fun and exciting pastime. These boats range in size, making them a versatile choice for any sized group. For visitors, consider renting a larger boat to accommodate your whole family. Locals can even enjoy a peaceful respite from their daily lives by renting out a cozier model perfect for small groups or solo travel. Choose from 8 to 12 passenger boats so you can accommodate your whole group and experience all that Newport Beach has to offer.

For more information on how to rent a Duffy boat in Newport Beach, contact Voyagers Rentals.

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