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Common Misconceptions of Renting a Duffy Boat

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In recent years, electric boats have grown in popularity, whether they are powered by pure or hybrid-electric propulsion. Globally, sustainability and eco-consciousness are becoming increasingly important to the boating industry due to concern about ocean preservation, pollution from gasoline-powered combustion boats, and a need to reduce carbon footprints.

The advantages of electric boats over combustion boats have been demonstrated time and time again. In addition to being nearly silent, they don’t emit greenhouse gases, they save on significant fuel costs, they cause fewer vibrations in the water, and they require less engine maintenance.

Regardless of whether you’ve taken a sailing holiday on a Duffy Boat or not, it’s possible that you might have misconceptions about taking a vacation on an electric boat. Quell your misconceptions by renting a Duffy boat through Voyager Rentals and taking a trip of a lifetime.

Electric boats have grown in popularity, and the future looks incredible in terms of both their environmental impact and economic potential. Let’s remove all the recurrent misconceptions about them for you, so read on for more information!

False: Sailing vacations are only ideal during the summer

The reality is that there’s nothing like a sailing trip in Spring or Autumn for individuals who don’t enjoy the heat of the grueling summer sun and also want to avoid the heat and crowds. You may truly appreciate all of the locations you visit during these times without being weary from the summer heat. This is a significant consideration for folks from northern regions who desire to sail in fall temperatures to enjoy the tranquility of the water.

False: Duffy electric boats are slow

We tend to associate electric boats with slow ferries, transportation, and tourist boats that travel in enclosed waters. The truth is that some electric motors are incredibly powerful despite being rare and more expensive.

Did you know that Jaguar’s battery-powered, all-electric Vector V20E boat has broken the maritime speed record of 88.62 mph as a racing boat? For runabout boating, the SAY Carbon’s SAY 29E electric boat is powered by an electric motor of 360KW that reaches a speed of 50 knots or 57.5 mph.

False: Using an electric dayboat implies having less freedom and autonomy

The current generation of electric boats from Duffy are outfitted with cutting-edge technology and systems, like real-time autonomy indicators for every engine, eliminating the possibility of unpleasant problems. You can check the status of your battery at any moment and plan your route appropriately.

Dayboats, as the name indicates, is used for single-day journeys lasting less than 24 hours. As a result, these boats are intended to provide the autonomy required for this use on a single charge! Furthermore, an increasing number of harbors are outfitting charging stations, or superchargers, making sailing both convenient and safe. Having said that, it is worth noting that a standard electric socket is adequate to charge an electric boat.

False: Electric boats are unattractive and poorly designed

Looking at Duffy’s electric boat builds and lines proves that this assertion is false. Again, we may be misled by clichés, as when we hear electric, we think of little dinghies or tiny fishing boats, yet niche companies like Duffy show that you can purchase a Riva-style e-boat with all the equipment you need for fun. Undoubtedly, the Duffy electric boat exemplifies the ideal blend of sustainability, modern form, fine materials, and luxurious finishing.

Furthermore, what distinguishes Duffy is its approach to the development and design of its boats. Unlike other e-boat manufacturers, who focus first on the boat’s design and then try to fit in a battery and motor, Duffy works in reverse. They first consider the type of boat usage, then the battery type, including the management system and motor required to support such usage before focusing on the layout and overall design of the boat.

Voyagers Rentals: Your Duffy Experts

We’ve given you a realistic perspective on electric Charging Duffy Boat boats to help demystify the misconceptions that surround renting a Duffy boat! Try a Duffy boat adventure cruise for your next vacation. We invite you to contact us for rental service information and to speak with our friendly and knowledgeable staff to get you started on your next Duffy rental!