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Balboa Bay Resort Recommends VOYAGERS to guests

by: Voyagers Rentals

The beautiful Balboa Bay Resort Concierge recommends VOYAGERS to guests.

Best electric boat rental company in Newport Beach.

Balboa Bay Resort recommends and features VOYAGERS

Balboa Bay Resort recommends and features VOYAGERS

Voyagers Rentals offers you the opportunity to cruise the beautiful Newport Bay with your friends, coworkers, and family in comfort and style. YOU drive our boats, which can comfortably fit 7-10 people. Each boat has a canopy top and window enclosures, so you can enjoy the scenery regardless of the weather. They also feature mp3 player compatible stereo’s with CD players to make it easy for you to create the ideal ambiance for your experience.

Voyagers Rentals are affordable, reliable, clean, safe and fun. Voyagers is here to accommodate you for all your needs to ensure you have the best experience possible. Established in 2014.

Voyagers introduces a new approach to the boat rental business in Newport Beach. Providing a personalized experience with a human touch at all times making it easy for booking reservations on our luxury boats. Clients who call Voyagers will speak to a live person. Voyagers offers an upscale and luxe electric boat experience. Our boats are well maintained, clean and comfortable which provides an experience on board that it’s your own private boat, not a rental.

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